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Why is it SO HARD to Compare Photographers?

Burger King and Taco Bell may be in the same business, but they don't have the same items on the menu. An even better comparision may be between McDonalds and your favorite steak house. While they both sell beef as their main product, the differences are rather obvious. Unfortunately, the differences in photography may not be quite as obvious. Thus, while each enterprise sells food - their pricing structures and quality are different and can not be directly compared. Similar differences will be encountered when shopping for a wedding photographer. You will find many that metaphorically sell fast food hamburgers and a few that sell prime rib.

With many photographers now moving into digital photography, the choices, pricing and especially quality issues are going to become even more confusing. The quality differences in digital photography can change dramatically from photographer to photographer depending on how good their cameras and skills are. Digital cameras run the entire gamut from a few hundred dollars for consumer grade models to $10,000 for top pro brands.

SO, how do you choose a wedding photographer? It's a balancing act between cost and quality. One thing to keep in mind is the value of your memories. From your wedding, your photos are the only thing that lasts past wedding day. So, take a minute to think about how important those photos are to you. In the age of cheap digital cameras, you may think of having  friends and family to take your wedding photos. While that's certainly cheap, take this in to consideration... what do Uncle Bob's photos look like? Are they acceptable to you? Do you care if they are not creative or artistic? Do you care if the color is off or he has to flash the mess out of every shot? If the quality works for you, then consider other important issues... what will Uncle Bob do if his camera fails? What happens if he gets sick on wedding day?  There are so many variables to consider. Over the next few weeks, we'll be posting questions for you to ask potential photographers to ensure you are covered on wedding day. Stay tuned to learn more.